In January 2013, film executive Colette Aguilar founded MOONRISE PICTURES, a sales agency and international distribution company.

Based in Madrid, Spain, MOONRISE PICTURES is an independent entertainment company specializing in production, financing and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programming. Participating in top markets and festivals around the world, Moonrise has garnered a strong reputation as a high quality distributor of content for all formats. MOONRISE PICTURES  works with very carefully selected projects at every stage of production, providing equity financing, pre-selling international rights and setting up co-productions with respected international production companies.

The company also represents a catalog of arthouse features from around the globe with recognition in the most important festivals, and a library of 65 classic features.

Each year Moonrise sells 3-6 new completed films, at the same time that develops new projects, working with established directors and emerging talent from the first stages of pre-production. Providing producers and filmmakers of a first-hand knowledge of trends in the marketplace.

MOONRISE PICTURES has over 500 clients throughout the world of all media, including film and video distributors, TV networks and new media platforms. The company works with an updated database of more than 7000 contacts in the audiovisual industry between distributors, filmmakers, producers and festival programmers. Our philosophy is based in maintaining a constant flow of communication with producers and directors, and a meticulous promotion of our films, making us a presence at the international markets and festivals.